Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Magic of Stuff

Long story short: No shadows because everything was going wrong and I finally crashed when everything was just right. Danged crashy SL!!
– – –

"I concentrated, and summoned my sword and wand out of the Duat."
          – Carter Kane.
         (Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid (p. 383). Disney. Kindle Edition.)

– – –

The other night I was cuddling with my wife, being frisked for "Angela Treats" and giggling, when I typed into chat ...

/me hands you some grapes

Wait. Where did the grapes come from? For that matter, where does anything in Second LIfe come from? Well, our own "Duat," a magical subspace connecting us to the pure data on Linden Lab servers. We call it Inventory. It is a sort of Cloud Storage for our Second Lives but instead of just data, it holds anything we can imagine, including swords and wands, if we wish. We just reach in and grab something. Talk about surreal (which seems to be a popular topic on this blog of late).

Why can't we do that in real life? Wouldn't that be just freakin' awesome? When I leave the house my pockets are full. An iPod Touch; often an iPad Mini, too; my Sig Saur P224 Extreme, sometimes with an extra clip; a Victorinox pocket knife; a small purse/wallet for money, ID, and my pistol permit; extra meds, some for Mom if she's coming along; chewing gum for everyone (as no one seems to carry their own); and more, depending on the nature of the outing. If the trip involves Mom there's her oxygen supply, a wrench for her wheelchair, a large mug of ice (look up pica), etc. My brother often carries lots of stuff, too, but I'm usually the sherpa for any trip. What I wouldn't give to have a Real Life Inventory space I could pull things from as needed.

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