Saturday, September 7, 2013

jrenslow Bach, Charter Member and (IMHO) Jerk

I just got word from a friend that jrenslow Bach is buying land in/around Minna and making a mess of the landscaping thus making it a miserable place for long term residents to live, work, and play. Readers of this blog may recognize him as one of SL's worst merchants (Web). Apparently he's also carrying out a campaign to further annoy with bans and other activities.

No idea what I can do about it, but I'm gonna look around. Kennylex Luckless has posted a pic on My SL (here) showing some of the activity. Looks like this historic area in Second Life is in for some rough times, I guess.

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Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Such a familiar name to me. I remember crashing into him running a fraudulent "class" a while back where he would collect up a number of bots then ban anyone who wasn't one of his bots then proceed with the "lesson".

He is hilariously strange. =^-^=