Thursday, July 23, 2009


In no fashion could I ever call myself coordinated or athletic so I find myself attacking sport in Second Life® with much gusto but little grace. This applies doubly so to Grungeboarding at Grendels (SLurl). Check out this video ...

My experience was nothing like what these virtual athletes (AKA "showoffs") exhibit. I was at my peak in touching the necessary prim to buy equipment for L$0 to try grungeboarding myself. After that every action was a disaster. But I had fun anyway and zoomed through the tunnels suspended some 3000m above the Avarian sims several times. A HUD for tricks accompanies a special AO and the board in the free startup kit, not that I was able to use it much. All my coordination was used to steer myself in the right direction. Clicking on the HUD to flip, roll, spin and generally look cool was out of the question.

I wasn't even cool enough to appear in the pictures I took, the best of which shows this avie gloating as she contemplates another run. All that being said, I'm sure I'll return time and again so maybe I'll improve. After all, if I can type, I must have some ability to use two hands for different tasks at the same time. As I crash into one wall after another, I'll keep telling myself that "pain is fleeting; chicks dig scars; glory lasts forever" and having fun anyway.

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