Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zindra Tree Roots

Shortly after the adult-access continent of Zindra was opened I took a stroll to see the hubbub and discovered some nice architecture, interesting landscaping, and some truly horrendous region crossings, the latter usually occurring right along roads. I went again today to see the new monorail system (Web) and found not just a really cool build, but a "problem" that I figured would be cleared up once the LL Moles building the regions had left: Tree Roots.

During a sim crossing on my first visit I found that each tree has a sphere prim below it, deep in the ground. "For positioning," I figured and thought "they'll clean these up and add to the prim count." Apparently not, if the image here is a comparison. I was at the Eichorn Cove station (SLurl) and a typical sim crossing again dropped me underground for a while where I saw the "tree roots" were still there. Zindra is a really interesting place filled with, if not people, mysteries to be solved.

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Trinity Dechou said...

Maybe the moles forgot when they went back home. Amusing though, nice discover =)