Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Locking My Door

I'm a proud owner of a Linden Home, a "free" benefit of having a Premium account. It is nice to have a well-made house and a full 117 prims typical for a 512m2 land parcel. Instead of using the bulk of the prim allotment for a structure, I can use them all for furniture and landscaping. Actually, the landscaping is pretty much included, but as you can see, I added some extra plants. The Lab has also included a clever system that lets me customize, too an extent, the structure's textures, control the fireplace, and even lock the door.

But if it is locked, only I can open or close the door. My wife, Angela, can't get in. So I created JIRA issue MISC-4022: "Linden Home Door Access Rights."
As a happy Linden Home owner I have no complaints, but I would like to have a feature added/changed. At this time, only the Owner may operate a locked door. The change I would like is the ability for the owner to specify who else may open/close the door. Perhaps this can be set through the Linden Home Control Panel Web Page. Only the owner can access that page so their home security is preserved.

Not that a locked door is "real" security anyway. Even if a parcel ban is active others can still cam in and unless an owner locks the use of poseballs/furniture in the home, anyone can "sit" for entry (unless a parcel ban is in place). Letting others open/close the door is just a nicety.
If you have a moment, please click the link above, log-in, and vote for this request. Not a home owner so you don't care? Understandable, but please vote anyway? Then consider getting yourself one of these fine properties. Lots of varieties available in very attractive neighborhoods. The Official Blog (Web) has links to take you to the Infohubs that service the four themed regions of homes. At each you can pick up various freebies, too, including all the textures used to create the Linden Homes.

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CC Hunt said...

I voted for it. Will you vote for my issue? There is a texture flaw in my Linden Home.