Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apple iPad: Serious Want

Mohammed F. Haque (AKA "Hawk"), the artist behind AppleGeeks (Web) has an iPad today! No, not really. This pic is a fake for April Fools Day. But another celebrity, actor/comedian/author/nice-guy Stephen Fry has one and he wrote about it for Time Magazine (Web). Well worth a read even if you are not interested in the device at all. If you are interested, then also check Andy Ihnatko's posts for the Chicago Sun-Times ("Is it a real computer?" Web; "iBooks is worth the price ..." Web).

Am I getting one? Eventually. I love my iPod Touch and the iPad is a very big version of that wonder. But from what I've read the differences (easier content consumption, actual content creation, and huge screen) will make it worth the cost and while to get one. Unlike the Touch, it likely won't leave the house at all. But I'll have similar uses: Looking up information about what I'm watching on TV or DVD, Web surfing, staying connected away from my desk, etc. With the faster processor and bigger screen, these tasks will be a lot more fun. Now bring on the Second Life app!!

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