Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haunted House

The Haunted Farmhouse on Menagerie Isle is free for anyone* who likes the thrills and chills of Halloween. After you explore the scary rooms throughout the house, slip into the basement for a carnival-style Dark Ride with more frights. There is a special gift for all those who brave souls who survive to the end. To visit, click the SLurl below then follow the signs once you land. It's a good idea to set your sky to night time (World > Sun > Midnight) and to take off any face lights. Since I finished and opened the attraction far earlier than expected, I may add features over the next month, but after Halloween the Haunted Farmhouse goes away.

*Might not be suitable for children or those subject to epileptic seizures. Questions or concerns, please contact Uccello Poultry.

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