Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh Boi!

A friend of mine, Temoren Drathman, is a respected artist and a staffer at Oh Boi! Magazine, an in-world publication dedicated to "the strong and beautiful lesbian lifestyle" and I thought she was kidding when she asked if a reporter could contact me to do an article about me for the magazine. Maybe I have a wee bit more vanity than the average girl (or way lots more ... dunno), figuring it would really be just a short bit to tie into the feature covering Janeforyou Barbara, owner of the Isle of Lesbos and my boss, so I said "yes." As I spoke with Indygo Criss, the reporter, it dawned on my that this was going to be more than a sidebar.

Lo and behold! It's a feature! Check it out on the Web, starting on pages 20-21. The pre-interview questionnaire I filled out was rather geared toward in-world merchants, but Indygo drew out much more during our one-on-one and the piece became more than just about what I build or where I work. It grew into a profile filled with information I don't exactly hide, but that I don't wear on my sleeve, either. Who says therapy doesn't work?

I'm rather happy with the piece. And it does compliment the feature about my boss (starting on pages 12-13). Another bit that tickles me is that pictures I took for the spread are featured. Would I do something like this again, though? Probably not. Even with my vanity I'd say this has been enough fame.

Want a copy in-world? Check out the Our Kiosks box in the sidebar of the OhBoi! blog.


Peter Stindberg said...

Apart of "tough as nail" I would add "damn bright", "loyal friend" and overall lovely person to the list.

I knew most of the backstory before, but the excellent article filled in a few mosaic pieces. and I just can say "Thanks for being around, thanks for being my friend."

True said...

You, my dear, are a complex individual filled with amazing talent and charm. You are a soft soul who enlightens and enriches those around you... even if it is with NSFW links you post in main chat just to throw off the DJ *wink*!

Seriously though, An article on you Miss Poultry, could be anything but a sidebar. Thank you for agreeing to do the article and for telling us your story.

Huggs my friend,