Friday, May 30, 2014

SL11B: Me

The pup is back! For most major events in Second Life my primary avatar is an accessorized Linden Animal Avatar Dog (still available in your basic Library > Clothing > Older Outfits). It is low lag, easily identifiable, and G-rated without question.

What I'm doing for Second Life's 11th Birthday (SL11B) isn't really super clear. I describe it as being Doc Gascoigne's "Girl Friday." One thing I've been promised is that I'll play Tour Pod Car Crash Dummy for hours on end sometime. Looking forward to it. And you can look forward to more posts from me about the celebration, provided I have time. Better yet, bookmark the event's official blog (here) and the Prim Perfect Web site (here) to be sure you are in the loop.

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