Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Attempt

I've had many blogs prior to this one. In fact, I just finished deleting one so I could start afresh. What i would like to do with this blog is report on things i do in what seems to be my primary life, the Second Life™ world (*SL). So this won't be so much about me as about who I am through what I do and where I go.

One of the things I do is to build things in SL. The picture above is an example. I made a throne set for a friend. That is me lying on the couch to picture-left of the king's throne.

Landscaping in SL is also fun. Here is a seascape I created for my home. That is me in the middle. Yes! I'm a nautilus! Second Life gives one the opportunity to be ... well, not more than one is, but other than what usually shows. So I frequently change my avatar to suit my mood or surroundings.

Of course, anyone can be creative in SL and one of my joys is finding fun and interesting things in the world. This picture is a beautiful view of the Lost Gardens of Apollo (thanks, Torley), one of the many, many wonderful places I like to visit (click here for an SLurl to visit).

So check back if you wish and I'll post when I can. Here's to hoping this will be something we can all enjoy.

*All references to Second Life (sometimes abbreviated as SL), Linden Labs (sometimes abbreviated as LL), and trademarked terms of same such as SLurl should be considered trademarks used in compliance with the instructions given by the trademark holder. All pictures posted belong to the copyright holders and will be properly credited. My original pictures are © per Creative Commons and rights will vary. Mostly, no derivative works and attribution must be given. Gawd I hate this legal crap.

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