Wednesday, April 30, 2008

La Reve, the 'mystery spot'

While combing through my landmarks to see what can be removed so I can reduce my inventory load came across one I had made for La Reve (SLurl) so I double-clicked and :::swoosh::: I was in another world. Don't ask how I found La Reve because I don't remember. But I do recall telling myself "you gotta come back and poke around. So today I spent about 30 minutes flying around and looking and wondering many things. Like why.

Most sims in the Second Life™ world have a readily discernible focus. This place is different. My first thought was it's an art installation and the owner has a sales gallery somewhere. I didn't find one. But everything I saw was just to fantastic to keep thinking. I merely absorbed. In the first picture I'm standing in some sort of arch admiring the glowing and flowing text on the pillars while watched from above by something.

More pillars with glowing text and another giant statue. 'Glow' is everywhere in Le Reve, on the many statues, on pillars, in little blocks. And tons of particles. Each time I've been here the Estate Time was set to night so I'm guessing the owner has that as the default.

This picture was taken with the default Estate Time. The warm fire creates an oasis in the sea of blue that engulfs the whole sim. Patches of color like the gypsy wagon are placed here and there but they don't seem to be placed for effect, rather just randomly.

For fun I used the Environment Editor to what the sim looks like at other times of day and this shot of me by the fire is the only decent view. Once again I think that the owner has forced nighttime for effect. La Reve looses some of it's magic with other day settings. No need to adjust things to optimal here.

Probably good as this picture shows. Lights in a forest canopy are nicely used. Rather reminicient of the famous Straylight Botanical light shafts, but I didn't check to see how the effect was made or by whom.

Which was odd. Normally I click on everything when I explore. I love to see how things were made or, if it is something I'd like to add to my land, who made it so I can buy a copy. My impression is that nearly everything was custom made, particularly the fabulous statuary. I love the leafy effect and the organic shapes.

Many elements like these fairy dancers seem to be out of theme or I'm missing it completely. Likely the latter. La Reve is one of those places that will take many visits over the course of time to fully appreciate. More people should visit and I was please that on this visit three other folks were present. Two of them were having sex, but at least they were visiting.

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