Friday, January 9, 2009

Heaven over Earth

It's probably complete, but as I told my wife, the tweaking begins. Welcome to Heaven over Earth, a new spot for relaxation at Dolce Valentina (SLurl, use the teleporter sphere when arriving). This huge rock in the sky embodies all the elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water -- that are the region's theme (more about this in a later post). It floats above Earth Park, the corner of the region that we call home but is open to the public. In the park you can snuggle, swim, fish, relax, ride a boat, and other things to come.

In Harmony I plan to have a simple gathering area for a group, but there is a snuggle cave and some individual poses, too. Mostly this area is for relaxing and enjoying nature. Come visit, stay as long as you like, and have a great time.

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