Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I made some FISHIES!

It seems like a hundred years ago I set out to make custom fishies for the 7Seas® fishing areas at the Isle of Lesbos Resorts but never got un-busy enough to do it. But while making prizes for the up-coming Valentines Hunt I was inspired to make LOVE Fish ... in eight colors!! Win them now or a custom (rather mature) t-shirt or a rainbow bikini. The clothes and the B/W fish are set to Common whilst the rainbowy-color fishies are Uncommon. I have ideas for more fishies so I hope to have them before the Easter Hunt.

Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl)
Bay of Lesbos (SLurl)
Imsucha Beach @ The Isle of Lesbos (SLurl)
Sappho's Point Beach @ The Isle of Lesbos (Women Only; SLurl)


Peter Stindberg said...

Any place where a guy could get them?

When I was young in SL I followed a classified link to a shop located on Lesbos. I had no clue where I landed and the classified contained no warning, but upon arrival I got instantly harassed and (at least) ejected within the first minute of me being there. I did not even realize what I was accused of, despite having the chance to explain that I just followed an advert. Actually it was a level of intolerance I never experienced anywhere else in SL.

So, I love the fish - where can I try to catch some while not annoying someone - and not getting harassed?

Uccello Poultry said...

Only one of those SLurls is marked Women-only so freel free to try the other spots. The Mall location has always welcomed men (it's amusing to watch a male walk in and a female walk out with the same tag) and is my favorite spot to fish. I also like Imsuchabeach. It is actually on the Isle but in a far corner that gives a nice view of the other three regions. I usually don't boot men from that spot.

The main region is still women-only to provide a relaxed environment that is free from many of the typical hassles of a mixed gender areas elsewhere in Second Life.

Anonymous said...

They're lovely, Lass. Wonderful work, as always.
You rock :D hugs

Uccello Poultry said...

Who was that Masked Commenter?!?

LOL, thanks, Sis. I know that you don't fish so if you want them, just tickle me silly.