Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's in My Closet? Adventure in Fashion

The enormously gifted and oh-so funny Austie Pegler announced in Plurk some new additions to her store, Reasonable Desires (SLurl), and called out for bloggers to review the fashions. Naturally, my response was

my blog isn't known for fashion reviews.

Then quick as a wink, an *RD* Adventuress Mega Pack! showed up when I logged into Second Life®.

Honestly, I didn't expect to be included, but as Austie is as generous as she is talented I shouldn't be surprised. And I really am tickled pink as I like period fashion and plan on wearing this over and over during my frequent trips to the Steampunk sims.

As you can see in the picture above the 21-piece, L$250 set comes with two skirt variations, two hats, a really well-made lantern, plus a nice set of goggles, the "signature" item in any Steampunk wardrobe. You won't easily become bored quickly with the possibilities with all these goodies. For example, I decided to not wear the shoulder pads as a regular item. As you can see in my Inventory I moved things to folders so I can simply right-click/wear what I want and then choose to add optional items as needed. Then find some nice boots and you are done!

That's where a couple minor criticisms come in, though. footwear. All my period-style boots and shoes use invisiprims, which look odd when viewed through the open skirt variation's lacy front. It's a great texture and really makes the look, but I will have to keep looking for something that works. Perhaps I'm too picky over a viewer bug that affects everyone. With the black socks included in the set, though, I can wear basic black shoes and rely on the fact that most folks won't look that close anyway. Nor will folks care much about my second criticism: Full bright on the prim lace. The bloomer frills which attach to the legs (though detach when most calf-boots are worn) show as odd bright spots through the lacy part of the skirt. Since these prim bits are No Mod the Full Bright feature can't be turned off to prevent this problem.

It's a balance, though. On the fabulously textured lace collar with cameo I was able to turn off Full Bright and the lace turned to mud. I'll keep that option open for night pictures but otherwise won't bother. On the whole, this outfit is a great value and would make a nice addition to anyone's closet.

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