Monday, October 12, 2009

What's in My Closet? Faerie Slave Dancer

It is a rare day when I wear just one avie or set of clothes and I'm constantly tweaking anything I wear. For example, I put on my Faerie Slave Dancer "silks" by Summer Seale for an event at Lesbos and started with my darkest drow avie. Eventually I changed to my human skin and ears. For this pic I ended up changing into a SinSkin light blue drow with Playful Kitten Mischief Bound hair. But it's the "silks" that are the focus. People always ask "Where did you get those!" with eyes all wide.

This picture hints that there are particles, but with simple chat commands a fog of particles emits from the anklets or streams of colorful asterisk-like particles come from the wrists and ankles. Each of these effects are great when dancing. Oh, and there is no top to this outfit so folks might not look at the particles for long or the animated glow to what little cloth is on the skirt.

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