Thursday, February 25, 2010

More about the SL v2.0 Viewer

Lots of quirks that I'm still getting used to with the new viewer and I'm finding things like shown in this pic that make me think debugging tools are "active" and will be turned off later. Maybe someone can explain what these "codes" are to me. Yes, I know they are Advanced Permissions (Build > Options > Show Advanced Permissions), but ... maybe I don't need to know.

/me sighs. It's nice that emotes like that now show up in Italics, but text chat disappeared for a while just now, making me think that everyone was being quiet. I didn't notice the problem until I tried to chat and saw nothing until I opened the text chat history. More random observations:
  • Sometimes the carefully crafted chat spam .. er .. gestures .. that many folks use are totally borked by the new format for text chat.
  • While my preference is to have Web URLs open in Safari, not the SL browser, there are some sites that work best with the latter, such as so I have it in my Profile's browser. But in v2.o, the profile no longer has a browser. Maybe an Open SL Browser option can be added somewhere.
  • My Inventory sort order preferences are not maintained between sessions.
  • The Current Outfit folder needs to be renamed Current Avatar as it contains body parts and other attachments, too, not just clothing.
  • The Build pane now shows the Render cost above the General tab. Cool. Way cool.
  • Text in the Help Browser needs to be resizable for the vision impaired.
  • The Shared Media feature rocks. Read more about it on page three of this PDF, but essentially it is a full, active Web browser. Clickable links, scrollable pages, functional text entry. Wow. DIVX movies from won't play, but YouTube will. This may well kill the TV market in SL. And how about Web-based contest boards for all those "Best In Arbitrarily Picked Color" events? Or Web page dance floors? I can hardly wait to build for SLB7 with this feature.
  • The 2.0 viewer needs the Filter-on-the-Fly feature of the Imprudence Inventory window.
  • MUTING SL Mutes All Apps on My Computer!
  • CMD-U on a Mac starts the Upload process.
  • I like the Unlink button in the Build pane that Imprudence uses.
  • The pointer no longer turns into a chair for "sittable" objects. Bad news for clever teleporter buttons.

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