Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where is Uccello?

When last week's storm hit New England some 140,000 homes in Maine lost power and ours was one of them. I saw the sparks fly off a transformer as we lost lights and heat. We toughed out two nights and one day with temps near freezing and a very weak WiFi for my iPod Touch to help us stay in touch and get news. The second day we found a motel that accepts pets and moved our small army.

Flashlights and dynamo-powered radios are good as are blankets and good friends. Now that I have a charger for the iPod I can keep checking e-mail and logging into SL with TouchLife, a very good iPhone/iPod app that supports most functions one would need for basic access. My avies with larger inventories are crashy, but I can often hang in for a while, so long as I don't get fancy.

My messages are capping already so if you send anything from here on out I won't get it. Feel free to comment here and I'll check back when I can.

Many huggs!


Peter Stindberg said...

I just experienced a 4 hour blackout (which is quite unusual for our area here) and it felt unsettling. My thoughts and best wishes are with you. Thanks for informing us.

Anonymous said...

Back! After nearly 5 days without power, a few of them in the cold, without lights, and a few in a hotel after we wised up. Waiting for the house to warm up now after it was cold-soaked.