Sunday, November 11, 2012

Floaty-ness in SL

A Mainland Girl is what I am and that won't be changing soon, I bet. It's the diversity and the asynchronous clashes of creativity with supposed normality. You can find private estates with a medieval castle in one corner and a giant mech robot straight out of magna on the opposite side but this is rare. Most of these regions are homogenous of theme and intent, often tropical or otherwise natural paradises and just as often fantasy environments but all resonating with harmony.

Mainland is birth, entropy, and rebirth all roiling in chaos. I really do love it. I love living behind a gas station and being able to see a crashed retro-future rocketship a short walk away from the house. This doesn't mean that I understand it all or enjoy every aspect. A completely full-bright shopping mall and hotel? Giant flaming teddy bears? Well, to each their own and there's plenty of land that one can move to if they don't like their neighbors. But I get really confused as to why folks sometimes build the way they do. Take this floaty house in Davenport (SLurl), for example.

Frankly, the giant Metropolis robot sitting in a Buddah pose near by makes far more sense than does just plopping down a platform in mid-air a meter above the nearest ground then building a house rather than working with the land form you have. Yes, I  understand that many on mainland may not terraform or can't do so to the extent they wish, but at this point it just might be a better choice to simply move the whole shebang up a thousand or so meters and have a sky box.

Choice. That's what it comes down to in the end. Mainland is about choice. It is your land and as long as you follow the Community Standards (Web) and the Terms of Service (Web), you can do as you please. So you'll see lovely builds not possible in Real Life, meticulous re-creations of Real Life, and things that don't make any sense at all. Like this bit of floaty-ness.

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