Friday, November 2, 2012

Inventory Changes

After taking down my haunted house for this year I started to use the land to do a bit of Inventory organization. About 5 more days remain on the rent and I can't think of anything else to do with it. That and I'm feeling a bit guilty as today I saw the perfect Inventories of a couple alts. I don't let them keep un-opened purchases or un-sorted acquisitions sit about and everything that can be stored is boxed (if needed) and put into Inventory boxes (which have a hover text contents counter and prim identifiers) in an Objects (Storage) folder. One of them has an Objects (Sort) folder, as I do, because she has quite a few things still to look through after the de-build of the Isle of Lesbos. This makes it easier to find things that spontaneously pop into your mandatory Objects folder.

But with two new purchases from ColdLogic and the surprise find of three outfits I received from Lucky Chairs, I thought it might be time to change up my strategy. Prior to today I've had folders like Group: Footwear (with BOOTS and SNEAKERS and such inside) and Separates: Jeans (with folders for each brand, set, or style) and folders for **New Stuff (unpacked but never worn) and **Newly Made (stuff I've created), and more.

Click for a larger image.
I also had a Theme: ColdLogic folder for just clothes from that shop, but upon adding the 17th and 18th items it occurred to me I should rename the folder to BRAND: ColdLogic. Well over a year ago I started a Theme: WWI Clothes folder for the couple dozen pieces I have from World Wide Industries and that one has also been changed to "brand"-style. Thinking about other brands, however, I may just stop with these two for now. Like Bare Rose (B@R), with outfits and items scattered in at least a half-dozen other folders like Theme: Halloween or Group: Costumes. One or two WWI items are outside the main folder because they aren't homogenous with the general WWI style. Likewise, the ColdLogic clothes are similarly styled. Few of the B@R clothes fit into just one or two categories.

My next challenge for my clothing Inventory is to simply decimate everything. Outfits and items will be boxed and stored if they are No Transfer, boxed and set out for free or sale somewhere if they are transferable, or simply deleted.

And I might take a few moments to re-think my strategy for Saved Outfits. As you can see above left, I have a bit of strategy there, too. Categories for Tiny, Furry, Costume, Fantasy, Implants, Retro, and such have been started but its clear there is a bit of mishmash, too. I find myself relying too much on Saved Outfits, though, and have to discipline myself to not use it for everything that strikes my fancy, leaving it for just outfits with components from all over my Inventory or being laborious to re-create.

What are your Inventory organizing tips? Feel free to leave them in the Comments.


Deoridhe said...

I have a massive inventory, and a lot of mine is functionally organized.

Like, under Body Parts I have folders for full avatars (further subdivided into type, with ones that defore the body set aside - the only exception beign Petites, who live in my clothing folder), partial avatars (where horn/tail combos live and mermaids), thent he basics like hair (sub divided into length and style), skin (with subdivisions for cosmetics), and even wings (I have a lot, though I usually only wear two). I also have what I call "Basic Reset" which is the basic parts of my avatar I want to reset to my usual look, sans clothing.

Clothing is divided by color, with an exception for kimono because they require a shape change. Weirdly, corsets didn't end up there, but I might be reorganizing so that corsets and mesh with required shape changes go there as well. After the color subdivision, I divide by type (accessories, lingerie/silks, clothes, shoes) so I can mix and match pretty successfully.

Under objects, I have my "blogging" folder, which subdivides by stores which send me stuff. I also have "new" and "to open" folders, which are immense, and a "world items" folder, which is organized in how I file it in a fairly complicated archive. I also have my archives folder, where my archives live.

I'm currently semi in the process of trying to photograph it all. I got most of the way through my avatars folders, but it is slow going. I have a set of folders on my hard drive which replicate the folders in my avatar inventory; the end goal is to not replicate styles of clothing, and to upgrade when I want too, as well as to facilitate color matching and the like. I've been considering for a while sharing my inventory setup - it seems to be functionally different than a lot of other peoples' because of my focus on color primarily, instead of style.

On an alt, though, I organize by style and feel - like she has "sexy", "classy", and "slutty" as categories, a breakdown I don't do on my main.

Uccello Poultry said...

@Deoridhe By Color? That's interesting. Never thought of that. Clothing makers used to send me stuff to blog about but not any more. Maybe I didn't gush enough but more likely they see I'm not conventionally fashionable. I did try to photograph things years and years ago but did it with L$10 snaps. That got spendy so I stopped.

Thanks for sharing!! Some great ideas there :D