Friday, December 21, 2012

Zyx Checks In

Fresh from her well-recieved piece about the Sandy Beach Trail on this blog (here), Zyx Flux has been exploring more of the mainland and submitting her ideas for future posts. She's found some very snow regions and sent a few pictures with brief commentary just this morning (they can also be seen on her snapshot feed here).

Investigating an un-named road in Hyland for a future blog post on The Poultry Report, but snow drifts are blocking my progress (SLurl). Thank goodness Michael Linden loaned this plow to me.
Looks like I have my work cut out for me and some anxious people waiting.
I'm also working on a story about the Alpine Byway (SLurl).
Last on my list is a Rez Zone in Voss. Get some free hot food here and check out the views (SLurl). Can't beat free spuds, right? Gotta love Second Life.

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