Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Random Thoughts

I've downloaded the latest version of Blender and found the Loki Eliot mesh tutorial .PDF files that I downloaded some time ago. With any luck I'll get up early tomorrow and get started before I have to go outside to do RL things.

I'm not an Apple Fan Girl but I do appreciate how pretty much everything they make just works. Except the Safari browser. It absolutely hates Yahoo Mail, it spontaneously closes twice or more a day when a new tab opens with a new page, and the tap-tap to zoom that I depend on often screws up certain pages. Chrome is ugly. Firefox is slow. I blame Flash for all of my Web Woes.

I spend too much time with my Neopets but would love to find a way to convert my 2,950,000 Neopoints into $Lindens at even a 2:1 exchange.

Since I convinced Michael Linden to add floaty toobs in the Bay City wading areas (one is in Morton; SLurl), I want a bumper boat rezzer put in one of them.

Every year at this time I get sentimental for the land of my birth: Galway, Ireland. Bio-Mom brought me to America and left me with Dad when I was just a beag babaí. I have two pictures of me from the hospital there. Over the years I've learned more about mom from a detailed file that I have, but I don't look at it much. She left me so why should I bother? But I get "homesick" sometimes.

I really love my "kid" brother. Sure, CC will be 50 years old in a couple months, but he's never grown up. Looking at the shopping list for tomorrow I found an entry for Bachelor Chow. Whenever I ask, he will make up silly songs to sing to our cats and he is always tossing puns like some people toss swear words. Only my middle brother seems to have grown up at all. Probably why we never hear from him.

Most of the snaps I put on MySL are in a 2:1 ratio (like 2048x1024) as Uccello. Other "characters" have their distinctive favorite sizes/ratios. Just one of the ways I make my alts individuals that are the "me" that most of you don't know.

Say what you want about Crap Mariner, but I really like the guy.

Some Second Life super powers I would love to have in Real Life? Flying, of course. Device-free teleporting to be sure. Being able to carry all your stuff with you where ever you go (Inventory)? You bet. But I'd also like something that very few folks ever think about ... being able to control the skies and the water at whim.

Twenty minutes til RL bed time and the rare bad reaction to Percoset is finally wearing off. I hate being "stoned" or drunk and I have no idea why others enjoy it. The only benefit is once I'm finally off the high that shouldn't have happened, I'll sleep like a .. uhm .. stone.

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