Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things I want in SL (Mostly I want answers)

This is more of a rant than a meme, but there are certain things I really want to enhance my Second Life. Without further ado or any explanation as to why that picture above is included or what it has to do with the topic, I begin the rant ...
  • Exporting Note Cards as easily as we can textures or snapshots would be a tremendous boon.
  • Further, font formatting in Note Cards would be good, too. Then they could be more effectively used to give directions and instruction.
  • If a scripted attachment is updated then the Saved Outfit to which it might be linked doesn't update. Can we fix that?
  • It's my understanding that scripts affect an object's Land Impact (LI). If true, then there needs to be a way to show the change in LI if scripts are disabled.
  • Same for Avatar Rendering Cost or whatever it is called this week.
  • Double-Prims on Mainland parcels for Residents that have been Premium members for at least three years.
  • What's up with that club in Bay City - Sconset (SLurl) anyway? It's just a radio stream, not a "live" DJ and hardly anyone talks, yet it is always busier than clubs with "quality" entertainment and infrastructure.
  • I want some tools added to the Snapshot pane (it has some empty area, so ...): Checkboxes for Deferred Rendering (or Light & Shadows or whatever your viewer calls it), Local Lights, and Depth of Field; Windlight preset options; more dimensions preset options. See here.
  • A snapshot pane that doesn't insist on always being on top of every other pane.
  • Add an option for group officers to terraform land set to a particular group, deeded or not.
  • A simple way to do Machinima. I know it was once a viewer function. I did it twice back in the day. Maybe they took it from just us Mac users.
  • Mesh clothes that obey my body sliders. Yes, I went through and created a bunch of "standard-compliant" shapes but that is a pain. This goes double for feet and shoes.
  • Curio to release a texture pack to make my SLink mesh hands and feet match my Curio skin perfectly without all the work and blenders and tinting and frustration.
  • Makeup that doesn't make me look like a whore whether I act like one or not. Maybe I need to shop more, but I just want a little eyeliner and some light lipstick, not styles dragged off a raccoon or a fish.
  • Loki Eliot making mesh clothes for adults. My butt is too womanly, I suppose.
  • Every designer/creator/person-who-makes-things to include a product shot IN the box of stuff you sold us. Much easier to see what a POST: Hammars Stuga is before I rez it or have to look  it up on Google Whatthehellisthis. This goes double for clothes. BTW: It is a lovely mesh cabin.
  • The pop-out panes that appear when you click a tool bar button need to remember where they were last placed. I'm looking at you, Landmarks pane!
  • Actually, I'd like to have the option to dock them again. Maybe I was the only person in Our World that liked that feature, but this is my list and I'll write if I want to.
  • It's my alt so her Inventory is mine ... let me get stuff from it without logging her in, please.
  • Inventory loss insurance. I've written about this before and clearly I'm being ignored.
  • Surnames. 'nuff said.
  • Snapshots to disk should be saved with maximum anti-alaising even if that feature it not set in Graphics preferences.
  • Something more specicific than "ima.Resident commented on your snapshot 13 minutes ago" as a notification on MySL. Which Snapshot? Which Post?
That's not the whole list, but my back is really killing me and making it hard to concentrate. Thanks for reading my rant. Feel free to add yours to Comments.

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