Saturday, July 27, 2013

Princess Kitten's Caturday!

Early this morning I popped by the bakery in Barney's Bay (SLurl) to get some scones when I saw this little kitten on the docks. She said her name was Princess and that she was waiting for the tuna boats to come in with their morning's catch.

She was so cute and we had such a good chat that I followed her around Barney's Bay and took some more pictures before heading back to Real Life to spend more quality Caturday time with my own fuzzy felines.

We talked a lot about traveling and how the moles made some of the best attractions in all Second Life. The travel agency has lots of information about places to see.

"Finally, a litter box fit for a princess!" she exclaimed. "And it has snax, too!!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that this was the flower shop and she was fertilizing the merchandise.

Princess went into the bakery with me while I bought the scones and I bought her  a mug of warm cream while I enjoyed a hot chocolate and some of my purchase.

Afterward we lounged a bit outside as it was such a beautiful morning.

Princess begged me to take her sailing but I was running late for Real Life so we made a date to go some other time, maybe on my big boat, the PurrMaid, and do some fishing. Maybe if you go to Barney's Bay today and see her you could take her out on one of the free or free-to-use boats at the docks.

Happy Caturday, Everyone!

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