Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's In My Closet: Patriots Fangirl

A news story the other day about my beloved New England Patriots football team having the handicap of sharing their pre-season practice stadium with singer Taylor Swift for a few weeks got me to thinking about my fangirl outfit for the coming year. Actually, a fashion "fox paw" got me to thinking about it. Apparently the lack of rez my red shorts demonstrated after arriving somewhere was not a system fault, but the complete absence of said shorts in my Inventory. In a rush to change to a random outfit in my closet (Saved Outfits) from some swimwear so I could be somewhere with my wife I failed to notice the lack of pants. And underwear. Fortunately, Angela always looks "there" so she picked up on the Empress's New Clothes situation right away. Not sure how long she took to tell me, but eventually she did.

After quickly adding some sweatpants (a girl's go-to clothes for most emergencies) I immediately started shopping for new shorts. Today, I tried some demos, borrowed L$100 from an alt, and repaired the saved outfit.

From Top to Bottom:

Hat and Hair: ARGRACE Baseball cap2/Hailey - Misty White

A convenient HUD allows the owner to set colors for the crown, the bill, and the panel logo. I do have a Patriots hat but it is not nearly as nice. Time to go shopping. But this looks great as the hair is styled so that it blends in with the hat. I use the same combo for my Boston Red Sox outfit, but with a B for the logo instead of a P on the panel.

Jewelry and Makeup: PrimOptic (freebie) Plume eyeglasses; PoP Ball-on-Hoop RWB earrings: AiTech Lock & Chain Collar; Magellan detector secret decoder ring; wedding ring. R.Iceielli Lipstick Neon 03.

Yes, I made the earrings. Amazingly, three prims but 12LI each. I bought a mesh ring so I could have nicer nipple piercings than what come with the Lola Tangos "Implants" but these weren't any better. Long story made short, I went with plan DD and his has nothing to do with this outfit other than I repurposed the rings. So moving on ...

Body Parts: Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes in Wasabi; unBra Indigo Skin C62 (plain makeup); Slink mesh hands.

Clothes: EC Mika shorts with optional straps; WWI Choe bra and panties (charcoal); Whimsey's Closet Patriots Jersey; WWI Knockout Striped Boyfriend Socks; HOC Lowtops sneakers.

The shorts are the newest bits. A HUD allows color change for the shorts and a separate HUD allows the strap's colors to be changed. Inefficient, but I didn't notice that straps came with the outfit until I tried the demo, so it's a bonus. The jersey came with an applier for Lola's Pushup "Implants" but I chose to not use them since I found the straps with the shorts. HOC, of course, makes awesome sneakers. I wear them almost all the time (or the high tops or the "Bolts" editions).

And that's why I don't often do fashion posts .... all the details. Writing them down takes frickin' forever. I found the location (Rebels Football Field; SLurl) via Search, changed clothes, setup the lighting and graphics options, shot the photos, and found a seat in the bleachers to start writing in half the time it took to fill in the outfit's details.

Morals of the story? Check your Saved Outfits anytime you prune your Clothing inventory and root for the Patriots this coming season.

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