Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ancient Greek Regions

It all started with a post by The Lab on the profile feed ...

See the original post here.
So I sent a Poultry Report staff photographer out to take some pictures around the Sea of Fables and here's what she sent back ...

Sea of Fables - Bohol (SLurl)
A quaint little village with houses anyone may use (great as changing rooms).
Hera's Island - Sargasso (SLurl)
Silent Mole's 101 LI tribute to the goddess Hera in her apple garden.
Bacchus Island - Baffin (SLurl)
Atlas with his burden overlooks Hercules about to battle Ladon in the Garden of the Hesperides.
Near by is the old Teen Grid Transfer Station, the last stop before "graduating" to the Main Grid.
These are just three places in the Greek Isle regions, a former part of the old Teen Grid, but now accessible to all explorers. Sailing is encouraged – there's a timed course, actually, and a Rez Zone on Hephaestus Isle (SLurl) – and numerous islands to explore. Brush up on your Greek mythology and history or just have some fun. You might even explore the Labyrinth (SLurl) if you dare. It is one of the most ambitious builds of classic Second Life with a nice reward at the end. If you like the village in Bohol, visit Posiedon Island - Celebes (SLurl), a place familiar with those who have tried The Grid Hunt (AKA The Magellan Hunt; SLurl).

Don't forget to thank a mole from the Linden Department of Works when you see them for the Greek Isles and the numerous other LDPW builds dotted around Our World. Plenty of private islands are featured by The Lab in social media but the workhorses (workmoles?) of the community make sure there are plenty of great but under-promoted places to visit.

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