Saturday, August 30, 2014

Miss Bay City 2014

The judges have spoken and for good or for ill, Miss Bay City 2014 has been chosen and she is me. Looking at the list of entrants and thinking about the wonderful answers they gave to Event Emcee Pygar Bu's questions I'm sure it was close call for the judges.

Alyssa Elizabeth Kintsugi
Cinder Roxley
Lorna Stratten
Linsey Carter
Maureen Boccaccio
and me!

The judges were Marianne McCann, Adudenamed Anthony, and Evola Courtois.

Thank you to Pygar and the judges and many thanks to the other contestants. I had a small hope to win but I entered this year for the same reason I entered last time ... to fill out the field. Any of you ladies would make fine a Miss Bay City and I certainly hope you try again next year. If for some reason I am unable to fulfill my duties this year I leave it to Pygar and the judges to choose one of you to fill the sash.

The job is primarily ceremonial and to have fun, but I'd still like to dedicate my year to the memory of our dear Ever Dreamscape and use my office to help make Our Fair City a bit more silly in her name. She helped make Bay City a fun place to live and I'd like to officially carry on that tradition.

This doesn't mean that I will be setting things on fire, mind you.

Or does it?

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