Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Topless Tuesday FX

Unable to come up with anything truly creative, I shot a simple image in-world and tossed it to my iPad for editing in a new app I bought, Tangled FX. You might know the images that come from this app – wistfully whiskery like this lion at left. How the software works I don't know, but you'd think the uses would be pretty limited, but if you play with the controls and have some patience, you can get something different from what most folks buy the app to do. Like my picture above. Less whiskery but certainly different from the original (shown below).

Three-point lighting thanks to some projector prims in an all black studio and a simple pose from somewhere in my collection. Details, details, details. This is why I'll never be a serious fashion photographer, right?

Look for more Topless Tuesday pictures on Flickr here and check out a great use of the Tangled FX app by Andy Ihnatko here. The SVphotography Blog is another great source for cool pictures with this app.


owl said...

Nice Glow !! tangled does look fun to play with : )
Happy TT Hoot!

Uccie Poultry said...

Thanks, Owl. It is fun, though I don't really have many photo that work well with it.

Drake N said...

I wonder if they have that as a GIMP plug in.

Uccie Poultry said...

I've seen this effect for a few years now, Drake. In fact, that lion image has been on my hard drive for a while so I'm guessing there might be a plug-in for GIMP or at least Photoshop. I haven't seen it at the Tangled FX publisher's Web site, though.