Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zyx's Week

My pixy friend Zyx Flux was pretty busy this week and she sent a bunch of pictures to me to prove it.

This is just one of many blurry, poorly composed photos that Zyx sent from her trip to Pygar's Lil Plot on Varney (SLurl). I guess she was too excited to see the new things in the garden. Pixies have trouble staying still near blooming things.
Someone in Bay City (SLurl) setup a playground on some land they were selling and Zyx bugged me no end for money to buy it until I explained to her that the playground equipment didn't come with it. She was relived when I told her she could go back all she wanted until the land sold.
Have Space Suit; Will Travel.

After her trip to Spaaaaaceeeeee she shopped for more space suits.
Back at home.
She spends a fair bit of time at home.
I never should have got that girl a camera phone. My data plan has overages every month thanks to her constantly sending pictures. She really needs to learn about Flickr.

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