Monday, December 8, 2014

Linden Portal Park in Winter

Hot on the heels of a spectacular re-dressing of the Linden Portal Park for Halloween, The Lab has let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (SLurl). The whole region has been draped in the cold stuff and accented with some of the best decorations from Resident creators and some great stuff from the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) Moles. The latter's wicked sense of humor can be found everywhere you look, too.

Of course The Grid Hunt area was snowy, but the current snow fall hit every corner off the region. Check out these pictures:

The Cornfield section has some humor keeping with the in-world game's theme.
I can't decide if these mice are building a snowman or decapitating one. Mice are all over the region and they have these mysterious little crowns. Makes you wonder.
Even the un-named area got hit by the snow storm. This is probably for an up-coming game experience the Moles are working on, but it has been here since the big portal park upgrade that made it a hub for a number of activities, not just Linden Realms. Looking at this do you get the idea that the Moles have a violent streak?
The Gnome Village has turned into a gingerbread wonderland but I enjoyed the warm fire in the cave after eating the roof off of a building (Sorry, Michael).
 Speaking of Wonderlands ... the Halloween area is gone, obviously, but the Winder Wonderland area is still blocked off. With a little Resident magic (a firm Page Up smack and a bit of Up Arrow) I was able to get a sneak(y) peak at what lies beyond the fence.

Two doors on this cottage so I expect something like the Halloween fun ... one entrance for a fun experience and one for a fun experience with Occulus Rift.

I took more pictures (click to embiggen these or see them on Flickr), but decided just these few should do for now and I encourage you to head out and explore now!

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