Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best of Intentions for a New World

With great excitement the other day I ran about the newly remodeled LR Portal Park 1 (now simply called The Portal Park; SLurl), the region once used as the gateway to the Linden Realms game grid. When The Cornfield game was announced (see here) and released the region was given a make over so it would be a portal for not just Linden Realms, but for the new Experience Key-based game and several other wonderful Linden-created games and attractions. In my excitement I promised a soon-to-be-published blog post with many pictures and more information based on personal exploration.

Lately, though, I've had little desire to even get out of bed. Except for what I must do in Real Life (it is no secret I'm a Care Giver) I accomplish so very little it is almost laughable. If I could laugh. I'm stuck in one of my regular depressive lows. Until I can get a manic high again or at least up to a so-called normal I present my pictures as posted on in the last week in lieu of something more original. Click each picture to see the original post (though the caption of each picture is more or less from the original post so the seeing the original isn't a time saver).

LR Portal Park 1 now takes you to The Wilderness and The Grid Hunt as well as Linden Realms and the new Cornfield. Note: The old Corn Field – two words, not one – still exists (SLurl).
Left to right: Ancient Mole and NaughtyMole on the bench. Abnor Mole looking griefer-y, me, and Alexa Linden!
The LDPW Moles have really gone above and beyond in this creation.
Selfie with Troy Linden.
Left to right: A Reseident I don't know, Bat Mole, Ancient Mole, Naughty Mole, and Kona Linden.
Tea Party?
Tea Party! And the source of some silly hats I've seen people wearing.
One of the silly hats you can get at the Tea Party.
My original guess that this is a portal to Social Island (SLurl) was wrong. It is simply a decorative gathering spot.
Me and Patch Linden in the new Portal Park. Amazing makeover.
I was able to trade Bears with a few Lindens and Moles. If you visit, don't hesitate to ask for a Bear or, better yet, trade your personalized Bear.
I wonder what Gnome Village is ...
The Gnome Village isn't really a portal but a fun, scenic place.
There's an un-named portal that looks scary ,.. lightning, rain, ruins, and an armoured car.
Of course, there's The Cornfield itself. Check out the video from The Lab and then head on over (you'll need a test viewer available here) and try it yourself.

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