Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clueless Topless Tuesday

After a long hard day in Real Life and trying to recuperate by moving as little as possible afterward (though others in my household felt I should keep moving) I had a fabulous idea for a Topless Tuesday picture. None of the following are the aforementioned picture as for some reason it never left my head.

It all started with adjusting my shape so it would work with the bikini bottoms on this mesh body from The Shops. It's Topless Tuesday, after all, not Bottomless Tuesday. This irks me as for the most part my body is the "Standard for Mesh" but when wearing a fitted mesh body rigged mesh clothes doesn't work.
Of course, The Girls aren't standard anything so I had to adjust the heck out of the pose with my AnyPose HUD. Then after forgetting my original idea my second shot was going to be part of a four panel Warhol-esque treatment.
After messing with dozens of Windlight settings to run with the 2nd idea I zoomed in to fill the frame as the nice Kodak photography lecture series professionals always tell you. Only now do I notice the smidgen of bikini that shouldn't be there. Still, the frame is more filled.
I zoomed in even more! This is Strawberry Singh's flat studio lighting Windlight, by the way.
Like the first picture, this is a slightly tweaked Torley's Sunrise - Liz Gluft Windlight setting. I rather like it and it has been my go-to setting for just being in SL for about a week.
I don't know why, but I have to make pictures of myself with crossed eyes and a surprised look. This is a from-scratch Windlight I call My Beautiful Day.
I'm loading only the last one up to the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group but head there to see how others are observing the day. Happy Topless Tuesday!!

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