Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mari's Magics

As I was unable to attend last night's fireworks at Livingtree (SLurl), a weekly event during the Summer months, so I was pleased to see that my buddy Zyx Flux posted some images to her MySL account. Here are a few and some of her commentary.

"Ha! Can't get me!!"
Looks like she put herself in a safety bubble. With Marianne McCann behind the controls this was probably prudent.
"Mari and the magic dancing. That must be how she does this."
Looks like Mari needed a bubble, too, as it seems she caught on fire.
"I don't know how Mari does without a bubble. Or sees. Breathes."
Mari is an experienced pyro and can probably hold her breath for really long times.
"No screen is big enough."
Zyx is right. It is hard to see the whole show so camming around is best if lag permits.
"The Rainbow is the end of the show."
Yes, the saddest rainbow in Second Life because it means the show is over but there's another in a week. Visit Livingtree (SLurl) Saturdays at 8PM SLT.

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