Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harbinger Haven Sandbox Closed

Clichés about loss are running through my mind but this is not a time for platitudes. The Harbinger Haven Sandbox (SLurl) is closed. Another Second Life institution is gone. In a note card dated 11 July 2014 at almost half-past 11 PM SLT, the owners made the announcement. Visiting a little more than 12 hours later, most of the land has been cleared and given some attractive landscaping. 32,064m2 for L$250,000 (L$7.8/m2), well beyond what I can afford up front and in tier costs. 

I would have left it exactly as it was last seen, right down to the last prim.

Here's the announcement:

Greetings Harbinger Haven Builders,

It is not without some sadness that we must announce that Bell & I will be selling the property that has hosted Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox for so many years. There are a number of reasons we have decided to do this, but I'm not going to discuss those here. Things change and everything must come to an end sometime and HH's time has come.

It has been a great pleasure for both Bell and I to have provided a safe and educational place for Second Life residents to build or just hang out. We have met a lot of wonderful people and made some enduring friends. We have always thought of our builders as part of a big family and so it is not easy to move on, but we must.

It is my hope (dream) that whoever buys the property will carry on our tradition of altruism for the sake of a better SL for all, but there is no guarantee of that and it's probably quite unlikely. However, if any one or group of you would like to buy the land and assume its tier to keep it a sandbox or other altruistic endeavor, then I would love to discuss a deal with you in which I will offer a discounted price on the property. The tier I can do nothing about unfortunately. Please contact me vie IM as soon as possible if such a deal interests you.

Meanwhile, you will no doubt notice as things start to be removed from the parcels in the coming weeks (we're not sure how long the process will take). Please feel free to come here to build right up until the property is sold. Once the property is sold the Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox and Harbinger's Haven Mavens groups will be dissolved, which may involve ejecting members who have not left voluntarily at that point. If you have questions, please direct them toward Adrian and he will attempt to reply as promptly as he can.

Both Bell and I are grateful for the time we operated Harbinger's Haven Builder's Sandbox and will always remember it and you with great fondness.

Very Best Regards,
Adrian Harbinger & Bellissa Dion
Owners Harbinger Haven Builder's Sandbox

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