Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Topless Tuesday with Pixelmator

After creating a simple but still nice set in an adult sandbox, choosing a pose and wardrobe, tweaking the lighting just right and then breaking it all down and logging out to put some final tweaks on what could have been a very nice Topless Tuesday pic ....

I saw the shadows. Right there on the flat backdrop that I had intended to blur out. Shadows that wouldn't have appeared if I had used a 3D background instead of a textured prim.

Instead of popping into Acorn, a fast and simple photo editor that I love, and doing the minor tweaks I knew the image would need I decided it was time to finally learn the feature for which I bought Pixelmator, the "paint to select" feature to remove the unexpected and hitherto un-noticed problem. If you have any experience with image editors then you know that making complex selections is hard and removing elements is well-nigh impossible. People who can afford Adobe Photoshop can wave a "wand" and poof the unwanted bits are gone, perfectly blended with the rest of the image. A great feature for $9.99/month. I bought Pixelmator for $29.99 total. Once. And it does the same thing, as you can see below.

Click to embiggen any image or visit this one on Flickr in the Topless Tuesday in SL group.
Happy Topless Tuesday!!

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Drake N said...

Background? What background?