Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Topless Tuesday Yoking Around

For quite some time I've had a animated yoke with water pails made by Knickknack in my inventory and never had a use. Today, I decided that must stop. In the last several days I've been pretty merciless in deleting stuff I don't need and storing stuff I like but don't use. My total inventory count is down by some 5,0000 items. The yoke's life was running short. So I dug out a favorite BINA Slutress dress that I haven't worn in some time, hoisted up the yoke, and stood outside my house.

Then I broke down and leaped into Pixelmator to improve a truly mediocre picture. Added some sun rays, some lens flare, touched up some obvious plant issues, tweaked this then tweaked that and the shot turned out as you see it above. Below is the original.

Enjoy this one here as only the final one will be added to the Topless Tuesday in SL Flickr group.
It is really topless, though? Technically, I'm wearing a top but the girls have been hauled out. There are those that will argue the point and there are those that will just giggle to themselves and keep saying "boobies" in a low, squeaky voice. The latter camp is where I lean, but about 15 years after blooming I'm still tickled to have a (generous) pair. This week I'll go shopping for more photo props that I can leave unused before I decided to delete, store, or get off my (generous) buns and finally use.

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