Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Page Pix

Perhaps in conjunction with changes to the SecondLife.com home page that non-residents see (read about the controversy over this on Vint Falken's blog > Web), the Lab has begun showing some very attractive scenic images when the viewer starts up. Shortly before the Holidays some nice images of barren land started appearing at the log-in screen, changing with the time of day and shifting locations. Then during the Holidays some clever Wintery scenes were showed. Now with Spring about 2 months away in RL's Northern Hemsiphere we are getting some variety like the stunning (okay, the color isn't impressive) landscape.

But like the images on the home page and those during the Holidays, I doubt there are many people who know where these places are and there is no information on how to find them. I'd love to add cliffs like these to properties that I work with and if I could get with in a few tens of meters a simple "Inspect" could lead me to the creator. Maybe generate a sale or two and help the economy. Does anyone else think that this could be done a little better? Even Windoze Paint (Web) could be used to add a text SLurl or region name. Got a Mac? Acorn rocks (Web) and I bet M Linden can afford to pony up $49.99 USD just from the commisions from my sales on XStreet (my shop > Web) last year.

Yes, I like the change. No, I don't like the extra time that it takes to load the viewer (deffo slower than the pre-prettifyed viewer days). But I think it is a plus over all. It is a work in progress. Now how I can get some of my pix there? Got some good ones on Flickr (Web).

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