Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recent Projects

Building things has occupied much of my time of late. Good thing I really enjoy it. Right now I'm working on fountain designs, looking for one to use as a prize for an up-coming grid-wide prize hunt. It has to be something I don't normally sell in my store but I'll probably list it after the hunt. This one needs a topper of some sort or some other "finishing" touch and I'll probably toss on some pillows after I decide on a cushion texture. I'm using a sculpted boulder shape rather than the usual geometrically-regular prims in typical fountains. I wish that the great single-prim plants in our basic Inventories were linkable. A fern would look very nice. Then a couple poses and :::bam::: it's done. And then onto another design. I figure some four or five tries and I'll have one that is right.

My first try became the Venus Love Fountain. As much as I like the final design, it didn't strike me as something that would have mass appeal for the prize hunt. With as much as men seem to like lesbians, for example, it's not likely that many would place this fountain in their yards. This is another example of the need to link Linden plants. Still, if I sell it the owner can add plants or other decorations of their choice. The instructions on how to add the plants would likely be simple. There is a very good chance this will eventually show up on the Isle of Lesbos. While working on Venus several ideas for a new entrance park started forming. Like many things I build, though, it may never be used. My inventory is filled with builds that others haven't even seen.

Such are the other projects now occupying my time: proposed club designs for the Isle of Lesbos. No one asked me to do them, but I was inspired. Odds are they won't work out, but it's a nice exercise and it keeps me off the streets. The Faces club here resurrects a previously used DJ booth and a light grid used in another current project for use with fresh graphics and a design not exactly typical for me. With no way to get inside the club (the walls are solid, bowing to the design needs rather than practicality) the build is more speculation than anything functional.

Back to more building, then. I need to learn to make plants.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely work as always, Lass :D hugs. And what about 'medidate' for the topper?