Sunday, February 15, 2009

Land Cutting in my 'hood

On 28 January 2009, Linden Labs published a blog post about Land Cutting (AKA, Micro Parcels) (see Web; with an update on 12 February Web) a process in which land is cut into tiny lots, once popular for Ad Farms (Web). Prior to that I bought a 512m2 parcel in Shouldice for just over L$2,000 and thought about a slightly smaller connected piece for nearly the same cost per square meter. I wish I had bought it then, or better yet, at the deeply discounted price it eventually fell to a few days later.

Instead, it was bought by someone that also acquired other lots in the area and started to make micro parcels (click picture at left for larger image) as did other area land owners. My thought is that this practice effectively reduces the value of my land because who really wants to own next to micro parcels? Fortunately, I'm not about to sell. My land isn't really residential, the airship there is mostly for use by friends and it mostly serves as a memorial (Web) And I might simply turn it into a warehouse for inventory.

Not entirely sure my point behind this post, but I find the sudden appearance of all these property line patterns rather amusing. Maybe the Lab will give me 256m2 from these 'land barons' gratis for being so nice :::smiles angelically:::

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Peter Stindberg said...

Now that you "talked me" into becoming Premium, I started to buy land for my furniture business too. We found a nice parcel which was next to an Arbor Project parcle (blogpost pending), so that we now have 960sqm. The parcel has some odd corners, so I looked at the neighbouring parcels. One 16sqm parcel for 9999 L$, a 48sqm parcel (4x12) whose owner does not want to sell and a 32 sqm parcel which would only be MAYBE available for swapping for another 32 sqm.
I actually look forward to LL set their new policy into action and hope I might get either of those parcels to round it off.