Saturday, May 2, 2009

King Tut in Second Life

I was rather late in getting to King Tut exhibit at King's Rezzable, but I was there for about 30 minutes today and decided that I'd really need a full day to appreciate it all. But here are some initial pix. The first is me posing inside tomb at the dig site portion. The prim work and textures are phenomenal. Tremendous attention to detail everywhere with the only limits being the underlying technologies of Second Life itself. By the way, this is the perfect setting for me to wear my Isis silks from Illusions (sadly, no longer available).

Many of the pieces that you find in the main gallery and dig area are presented in huge form in the Cosmic Gallery. This jewelry set in particular stands out not just for it's beauty, but because it is all under 75 prims. All the pieces are in a fantastic 3D starscape globe filled with multimedia goodness. I won't spoil it with a picture here, but when you first enter the gallery you are presented with an enormous representation of the iconic Tut mask.

The main gallery is also fantastic, though more grounded to what we might consider real life style. Still the grid allows things that a real life museum couldn't such as this animated representation of Tut's sarcophagus, complete with audio.

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