Monday, May 4, 2009

My Avie was stuck, I tell you!

First, the pic ... the strange skin layer issue in the Release Client of late has struck my bald body part in the regular viewer. The one I've been using for over a year now makes me a Cromag Unibrow. ::::sigh:::

Long story short: My Uccello Poultry avie is stuck in the Isle of Lesbos Mall. Kinda.

Here is the long story ....

While sitting on the Isle of Lesbos with Angela and Shilo I noticed that the adjacent mall sim was once again popping out of existence then gradually coming back over and over, my minimap flickering red each time it returned. No one else saw this happen so I teleported over to check it out but crashed when the mall disappeared again. The Second Life service wouldn't let me log back in for a period of time so I logged in as my alt..

Angela, Shilo, and I all saw my Uccello avie in the mall and on the minimap so I sent an IM to myself and then my Friends list showed "me" offline though my avie was still there. Not unusual for the "ghost avie" phenomenon. After the 5 minute wait that SL imposes I logged Uccello back in using another viewer and teleported back to the Isle where both my avies had a nice conversation with everyone. After a bit I logged out both avies and loggied Uccie back in on the Isle, her Last Location.

After walking a few steps, I saw my Uccie avie back in the mall, but everyone saw her on the Isle and in the mall. And my local chat was with everone on the Isle. So I logged out again and then back in, finding myself on the Isle for just a few moments before being whisked back to the mall one more time. Like before, I couldn't move and all my Local Chat was with people in the Isle. Angela flew over to see me but I was still both places.

I teleported home from "the mall" then back to the Isle where I was able to remain, but the dot representing me was still seen by several on the minimap as being in the mall.

What do you expect? It was a weekend.

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Anonymous said...

As long as there's two of you floating around, can I take one home with me??? *makes puppy eyes*