Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a Unicorn Christmas!

My big sister Threshin gave me an early Christmas present that has tickled me to no end: a unicorn avatar from Water Horse (SLurl). Wow! This is amazing! The textures and prim work are awesome and the animation override is equally impressive. There are many customization options and it looks like there is a way that let a rider saddle up. I'll be prancing away from now until Christmas in this avie and for probably a long time after. Look for me around the grid to see how awesome this avie is for yourself. I've already popped into Misty Mountain (SLurl), one of my favorite scenic trips, and awed some of the visitors there then trotted in the beautiful snowscape of Calas Galadhon (SLurl). But I'll have to be careful at my next visit to Menagerie Isle (SLurl) because as you see in the pic below, someone tried to sell me.

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