Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wee Little Kitteh

Getting gifts is a bit hard for me because I think that I never sufficiently express my gratitude, so I'd rather give than receive. Two of my oldest friends in Second Life have given me great joy with a pair of special avatars. One I posted about on the 21st was a gorgeous unicorn. Today, I present a wee little kitteh from Janeforyou Barbara. Yes, that's the avie right there, on the SLopoly board in the game room on the Isle of Lesbos. It was so much fun to scamper about on the game surface, chasing the little markers, kicking over the cards, and hiding the dice, while others tried to play. I even "pooped" in the Public Sandbox space thanks to some clever scripting. Conjoh Kohime did a wonderful job creating this avatar, from textures, to sculpts, to a really fun animation override. I found out by *oops* how spendy this is but I highly recommend that any cat or avatar lover get one (shop SLurl). Thanks, Miss Jane! You have great taste in gifts.

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