Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Being Zyx, Part 2

Uccello was rather cheeky to introduce me without asking first but she missed lots of details, mostly because Second Life avatars can't depict real life pixys very well. So I'm bigger than I should be, but I'm all pixy, through and through. Here's how you can tell:
  • My skintone is blue. A soft, chalky blue. All pixys can change their hue, but that takes effort so we pretty much stick with how we were born -- blue, green, yellow, red. When I'm really angry or in a mood to battle, my tone deepens to a very dark blue-black. Fairys are almost always the same colors as humans. Pixys can mimic fairys, but don't often do it.
  • Dragonfly-like wings. Second Life has soooo many nice wings that sometimes I change in-world, but Real World pixys have dragonfly-like wings. Fairys usually have butterfly-like or moth-like wings.
  • Second Life avatars tend to be giants. Probably it's a good thing as animations favor the Amazons (my Sit anims push me into the ground, for example). My besties are almost all over 6' tall but I'm just 4'6". I'll get taller as I get older, but Real World pixys are really no more than a few inches tall. Odds are you don't see us because of our size, but we also move fast.
  • Pixy's love gardens. That pic up top is me in my first garden in Second Life. I have a lovely home in the Elderglen sims and used most of my prims for the garden. And I was allowed to make the Secret Garden at the Isle of Lesbos.
As for anything personal, I guess you'll have to meet me. If I want or need you to know something, I'll tell you.

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