Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mystara Rebuild

The Mystara role play community (SLurl) has grown another region and used the process to add to the whole community's story line. A massive storm unlike any in living memory lay ruin to the original land, but providence shined when additional land rose from the sea and the gods whisked created a larger, more complex settlement in the hills of the new land. Or something like that. The whole thing was very complicated and I haven't spent enough time in-world to really grasp the whole thing. Besides, as a mermaid in Mystara, I'm mostly concerned with the the waterways and for now, not much as really changed beyond new rivers and a few expanded areas. But the head honcho, Annie Ibanez, has promised exciting things for the Merfolk.

In addition to the new wasters, I have explored the land areas, both as a land walking mermaid (Sirens, you know, can take human form for short periods) and as my tiny pixy, Zyx Flux. Here are some pictures from today, starting with the new Merfolk Queen's throne.

This is near the line between the two regions, near an existing set of ruins. The storm did not seem to affect the depths in the previously existing region all that much.

A major new area for Merfolk and for the a new shipping company has been added. The shark-infested waters feature a seabed dotted with dangerous stalagmites. A path from the docks leads to the hilltop village.

Near the docks are some ruins adjacent to a mystical, mushroom-filled cave. Atop the mountain above the cave is a marvelous .. erm .. pavillion? Cathedral? All I know is that it is dragon territory and unless I want to become a meal, I need to stay away from it. Whatever it is, the structure is from Elicio Ember and Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations (SLurl), like much of the flora (particularly the swamp) that festoons the land.

Somehow the storm moved the swamp from the southern edge of the first region to the southern edge of the new region. Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to prance like a happy pixy amongst all the beauty. This could be my favorite land-based area in all of Mystara.

If you had taken the path from the docks to the village, you would find a meticulously planned, terraced community with everything you need for a medieval urban life: Jail, magic shoppe, tavern, blacksmith, and more. Be careful around the sewer grates, though, for you can easily wind up in catacombs, the hidden storehouses of the black market, and other nefarious places.

The village also features cemetary, homes, a beautiful castle and fabulous views of the forest.

I'm very much at home in the forest, when I'm a pixy. The enormous trees are threaded together with rope-and-slat bridges and generous platforms. No one race claims the platforms, but you will see elven influences everywhere. Of all the Mystaran races, I hear the least from them but they seem to have a mighty impact.

When you come to explore, please wear an Observer tag, available free when you arrive, but be prepared to stay as part of the community. It is a free-form, high-quality role play with many active members and lots of opportunity.

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