Thursday, April 7, 2011

Real Me. Digital Life. Virtual Spaces.

After much consideration, I've decided that I'm not really a Virtual Girl as my blog subtitle has said for quite some time. Rather, I'm a Real but I live a largely Digital Life, often in Virtual Spaces.

My Previous Subtitle
Uccello Poultry is almost a brand representing me across the Internet, albeit a private one, as it populates accounts in various places in lieu of my meatspace name, most famously in the virtual space of Second Life. Yet, I exist digitally beyond that, as well, with presences in various forms. In Lego Universe I am ZyxFlux. As a NeoPet I have still another name. My email accounts, FaceTime registration, and so forth are all extensions of me, creating anchor points tethering a Digital Life to my Real Life.

So, today, I'm changing this blog from chronicling The Wanderings of a Virtual Girl to following Real Me. Digital Life. Virtual Spaces. The emphasis will still be on Second Life, but don't be surprised if I increase the number of occasional posts on other topics. You've seen a few before, but you will likely see more.

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