Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unofficial Recommendations: Isle of Lesbos

In a couple recent posts (here and here), I added my two cents about "Ten Photogenic Places" that Linden Lab recommended on their blog (here) and promised to post about several places that I'd recommend. While I often write about my explorations, I'll try to focus on the most photogenic ones. My first pick is a highly-biased one, the Isle of Lesbos (women only; SLurl), a wonderful place for women to relax without many of the usual pressures found elsewhere in-world.

The latest incarnation of The Pride Club
The bias is that I work there and have called it a home since my first days in Second Life. I am fortunate to be one of the landscaper/builders (amongst other tasks) and have spent most my time in-world today building The Pride Club, pictured above, for a week's worth of events to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the Isle. In the background is our sister sim, Menagerie Isle (open to all; SLurl), home to my boss's breedable pet farm, and an integral part of our landscape. My blog has featured many pictures of the Isle over the years, just look to the top left for the search box and type Lesbos to find the posts, but here are two more new pictures:

Dancing and cuddles in the Secret Garden
A recent addition is the Secret Garden, a fantasy-themed sky box where our "magical" visitors can feel right at home or anybody who would like to visit someplace a little different. Our building staff has been making fewer original pieces of late as we find some truly spectacular things made by others to enhance our home as you can see in the Garden here. But we try to have the very best and listen carefully to our sisters on the Isle as to what they like.

In fact, you'll often see me in my office right at the landing zone planning on things I can slip in without asking permission first, so say "Hi" and let me know what you think of Lesbos.

Feed me cheeseburgers and I'll keep working

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