Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unofficial Recommendations: Forest Floor

Like many landscaping shops, Forest Floor is a wonderfully photogenic place (SLurl) with many spots for you to pose your avatar with great results. There are beautfiful fields of flowers, stragecially placed furniture, and a fabulous horizon line.

Zyx Resident loves to sit in the shop's gardens.
But the best picture opportunities are at ground level (SLurl) where you'll find a hyper-realistic landscape dotted with with mystical accents and some of the best natural water features in all Second Life. Whether you use the standard sky settings or fiddle with Windlight as I did for these pictures, you can produce wonderful pictures with minimal effort.

The water features are exceptionally nice and if you trace the stream from bay to source you'll see that the landscaper understands how real life waterways form.

Windlight can enhance the otherwise plain skies of Second Life and really give a picture more feeling.

Every now and then you'll find some mystical elements among the hyper-real. The limited placements make the fantastic more plausible without overwhelming. Of course, almost everything you see at ground level is for sale in the shop.
For some reason my big pixy avie finds her way to Forest Floor nearly every time she is logged in to our world. All my avies have a landmark, of course, and visit now and then, but not with the frequency of Zyx. Often I'll park her in a pretty spot (they are all over) and leave her on the screen like living wallpaper while I do things on my iPad or other non-computer tasks that RL demands. Or anytime I need to relax, Forest Floor is a top choice to simply stroll through, ride one of the available horses, or even just fly about to absorb the beauty.

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