Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeroo Photo Contest!

The Isle of Ewe Meeroos (SLurl) is sponsoring a photo contest for Meeroo lovers! The Numbers: $2500 in total prizes, L$100 to per entry, and L$5 per vote (when the board is full or in a week). Head on down and look for one of these two pictures! Well, look at all of them, but these are rather vote-worthy, in my greedy humble opinion.

I'm cuddling CCRoo the Meeroo.

Zyx Flux has her hands full with McHuggles the Meeroo.

1 comment:

True said...

You are so not greedy and YES they are vote worthy@!!@ WOOOHOOO

SO so want people to fill that board tho. It is exciting that we have a new place and are pretty much all set up again! YAY.

Killer Shots to Uccie and Zyxie