Thursday, May 19, 2011

SL8B Hopes part 5

Honestly, after this I'm going to stop. I need to stop working on this build for Second Life's 8th Birthday until I find out whether or not I won a parcel. I've spent more money than I should based on just hopes and reasonably good odds that I'll be able to participate. But this was fairly pointless. "This" was taking scenic pictures way earlier than I needed to take them. But it gives you a chance, Dear Reader, to give me some input. Drop some comments as to which version of each shot you like best. Please?
I rather like both, but in-world they don't appear nearly as sharp as they do here.
Again, I like both. But it occurred to me that I should have two pixies in each pic to keep with the "couples" theme.
Like the pixies picture, I should have a pair of mermaids in each shot. DOH! I might skip mermaids all together as I have no merfolk couples poses. And I'm not a fan of this shot anyway. It's late and I'm confused. Halp?

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