Friday, May 20, 2011

Curse you, Honour McMillan!

Virtual world traveller Honour McMillan beat me to the punch yesterday by posting about her visit to Blue Galaxy (SLurl) on her blog, Honour's Poste Menopausal View. I've intended to do a writeup myself. Maybe I still will, but go read her post then go visit this really cool region yourself. If you find yourself in some shops "upstairs," explore them, too, and you'll find a teleporter for ground level. While on the ground, picture a wee blue pixy flying around ... it is one of my favorite places for a casual visit to fly about.

1 comment:

Honour McMillan said...

Well I didn't know about your "plan"! /me grins

I was just clicking on the map one day and tripped over it.

My bad. :)